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Participation in C++/Win projects

* On this page listed only large and completed projects.

August 2002

   School Schedule
Schedule compilation program for secondary school.

Visual interface with highlighting of cells status helps to arrange lessons. Program can print complete schedule on separate standard sheets.

Author's project.
Realization: Borland C++ Builder 5.0 (BDE, Paradox).

August 2001

   DataWall web-data access limitation
It's part of project "AmCham Ukraine".

Linux FCGI-application for authorized access to web-site data files with caching function.

Author's project.
Realization: С++ (gcc).

August 2001

   Chat Daemon
It's part of Wap-Chat project.

Participation in developing of chat serving program. Provides registration of users, creation/deleting of rooms, reception/sending of messages, reading/writing data on disk. Working under Linux.
Realization: С++ (gcc).

September 2000

   Donor - registration office
System of automation of registry of Regional Station of Blood Transfusion, Sumy, Ukraine.

Accounting of delivery of blood (more than 30 thousand records), search of the donor in several criteria, automatic check for absence in "black list" or contacting with persons from "black list", printing of directions and certificates, data archiving.

Author's project.
Realization: Borland C++ Builder 5.0 (BDE, Paradox).

February 1994

   BBASE - a bibliographic database

Small Windows-application for processing the bibliographic data (viewing, sorting, searching, filtering, printing), stored in dbf-files. It was submitted by "Maxima" firm at Comtek exhibition in Moscow in March, 1994.

Author's project.
Realization: Borland Turbo C 3.0, OWL, CodeBase.


   KASHA - hospital kitchen

The program for automation of accounting and rating of economic efficiency of hospital kitchen. Allows receiving every required documents and reports.
The program works under MS-DOS/Windows9x.
More than 12 years it still working in three hospitals of Sumy, Ukraine.

Author's project.
Realization: Clipper 5.2

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